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Halloween Bottle Labels — a craft store knock-off

The craft stores are full of Halloween tricks and treats and I am always tempted to buy more than I should. Recently I saw a cute glass bottle ornament with a POISON label and black lace at the craft store for $4.99 and decided I would make my own with a cheaper bottle and materials I had at home.

I used lettering from Leisure Arts Alphabets Galore. The label says:




x  x  x   x  x  x

I think it would be fun to make several of these in different shapes and sizes with different labels. Border and motifs are below if you want to stitch your own. I also made my own alphabets and drew up two more labels. You can purchase them all in one here.

Make your own:

1) Dig up some small pieces of aida, black ribbon or lace, and black embroidery floss from your stash.

2) Small glass jars and bottles can be purchased at many dollar stores and craft stores. You might even have one or two in the kitchen! Clean an old spice jar or jelly jar and give it a new purpose.

3) Measure the circumference of the jar with your aida, marking where you will stitch with light pencil lines. You can see my pencil marks in the picture on the left, above.

4) Choose spooky words for your label. Use different fonts and sizes, stitching in one or two strands of black floss. Here are some ideas beyond spell ingredients:

contents                                                     descriptors


BAT BEGONE                                             HAND-BREWED

CORPSE REVIVER                                    FOR ETERNAL USE ONLY

MIASMA                                                      BOOTANICAL

JINX JAM                                                    BONEYARD

SKELETON-IC                                            USE WITH COFFIN

5) Add decorative stitches or simple motifs. I’ve drawn some below that you can use. You may want to use graph paper to plan your label.

6) Trim aida with pinking shears or cut to fit bottle. Attach aida to bottle — I use Elmer’s Craft Bond. Add ribbon, lace, charms, or buttons. Make a collection of bottles for yourself or make one for a friend and fill with candy.


TO PRINT PATTERN: Save as image or open in new tab. You can do either by right clicking on the picture above.

Happy Haunting!

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