The Count of Many Stitches

Spring Queening

The violet loved to have her tread upon its purple leaves;
Before her gentle presence birds ceased not their caroling;
She shed a tranquil joy on all, as does the early Spring.
She never chid her serving-maids about their tapestry;
And yet, of all that busy hive, she was the fair Queen Bee.

excerpt from How Lady Blanche Arundel held Wardour for King Charles. Historical & Legendary Ballads & Songs by George Walter Thornbury, 1876.

spring cross stitch
Spring Queening Cross Stitch, 14 count navy Aida, 4×6 in.

This special pattern is currently only available at The Crafty Ewe during the 2019 Collective Stitch until August 31.

I will be releasing coordinating patterns later this year for Winter and Autumn which were past Collective Stitch themes.

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